Located in a dedicated, cozy basement suite on the Saanich Peninsula just outside of Sidney BC, Aspect Health & Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) is an ideal place for you to come and unwind.  Reduce your stresses, help alleviate aches and pains; enable deeper relaxation and clarity of thought, and give yourself a hour or two to just be while we knead your muscles and work your tissues.

Owned by Chrystal Ladouceur RMT, your registered massage therapy care is guaranteed individual, professional and aimed at making your life more livable.

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Emailed Out: Oops! I may have misled you! And a few other things

Hello everyone! During the past few weeks in clinic I have treated a number of conditions including respiratory dysfunction, shoulder mobility restrictions, jaw pain, pregnancy aches, headaches and of course low back and neck pain.  And while my c[...]
Patient Testimonial

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chrystal to everybody I know, regardless of whether they are looking to book a massage for therapeutic or relaxing reasons, or for better understanding of the mechanics of their anatomy.  She maintains a beautiful balance of professionalism with personal care; I am particularly grateful for Chrystal's commitment to treat every individual as an individual, with differing needs and unique bodies.  I have received a number of massages from differing therapists in various countries. For me, these were nearly always good experiences; however, I consider Chrystal to be a giant leap and a hop above my previous experiences. Many thanks Chrystal!
Rebecca Huntley